Youth Red Cross Society (YRCS)


The Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) is a voluntary humanitarian organization to protect human life and health based in India. It is part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, and so shares the Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. The society's mission is providing relief at the times of disasters/emergencies, and also promoting health & care of vulnerable people. Youth Red Cross helps the students to inculcate discipline in them and to understand their responsibilities towards their countrymen, especially the poor and downtrodden.




To act in case of armed conflict and in peace to prepare to act in all the fields covered by the Geneva Conventions within the scope of International Humanitarian Law and on behalf of all war victims, both civilian and military.

To contribute to the improvement of health, the prevention of disease and maternity and child care in the community.

To educate the population on how to prepare for and respond to disasters

To organize emergency relief services for the victims of disasters and mitigation of their suffering.

To promote the participation of children and youth in the work of the Red Cross

To promote the Fundamental Principles of the Movement and the International Humanitarian Law in order to inculcate humanitarian ideals among the population, and in particular, children and youth.

To recruit, train and develop volunteers/personnel as necessary for undertaking humanitarian responsibilities.

To serve the community within its jurisdiction, the state branch may initiate activities to address local needs and priorities as approved by the Managing Body of the branch.

To ensure correct use and protective value of the Red Cross Emblem