The principal of the college Smt P.Padamavathi, formed a new committee for women Empowerment cell, from the Academic year 2017-18

SL.No Name Of the Faculty Designation
1 Smt. Y. Vanaja, Lecture in Political Science Convener
2 Dr. S.H. Sowbagyamma, Lecture in Telugu Co-Convener
3 Dr. M. Sujala Swapna Smitha, Lecture in Physics Member
4 Dr.B. Swaroopa, Lecture in Maths Member


Aims and Objective


The Aims and Objectives of Women Empowerment cell of the GDC (W), SKHT has to enhancing the ability and leadership qualities of women student to contribute towards gender equality through education. It helps women students to increase their awareness about their rights to secure gender equality with men in the society.



To encourage students to improve leadership qualities.

 Helping women students to secure self-respect, dignity and enabling them to solve their own problems.

 To create awareness on their rights given by the constitution and Acts of law.

 To create awareness regarding their personal health & hygiene.

 Ensuring and training them in self-defense techniques.

 To conduct seminars and workshop to improve knowledge of opportunities.

 To extend necessary tools available for women empowerment.


Action Plan: 


To create awareness against sexual harassment and unacceptable social behavior. As it is a crime according to IPC Section-377 anywhere.

 To conduct seminars, workshops to impart knowledge of opportunities and tools available about women empowerment.


June-14  Constitution of the WEC and preparation of Action Plan for the year 2014-15
July-14  Orientation to Girl students /Women on WEC and its significant role in GDC by Smt. Hemalatha, Convener
August-14  Anti-Raging Meeting
September-14  Guest Lecture on Women’s Rights
October-14  Study project by students
December-14  Training on self-defense techniques
January-15  Legal Awareness programme
February-15  Seminar on Women Rights by students
March-15  Celebration of Women’s Day