We live in an age in which education and work in life is long learning. It is that every person will have to learn new skills in the working world of tomorrow. Knowledge about the external world will be necessary to enable the mind to learn the so called new skills. All of us want to be learned, but no one is willing to pay the price since learning is not a ‘child’s play’. We cannot learn without pain. Knowledge is a vast ocean, drink deep and gain success.

A mind that can learn deep into insight is called wisdom, nature’s greatest gift to man is his mind, which has to be utilized to its ultimate use. It is therefore important to have an open mind on things around you, judge things logically. Each day offers new opportunities to learn. Loving to learn is living while loving, which makes all professions satisfactory. Learning is a good quality of responsible citizen– thus Latin proverb insists that “one should allow one’s mind to acquire knowledge that is opening new vistas for truth”. The guidance given at the right time to the right pupils will built a society of productive people. Career guidance is so vital that can change a life in particular and the total society in general.

The principal of our college Smt P.Padmavathi constituted for the following Committee for Career Guidance Cell for the academic year 2017-2018.



Convener :        Dr A.Dharani, Librarian

Member :           Sri G.Aravind, Lecturer in Physical Education

                         Sri P.Venkata Ramudu, Lecturer in Commerce 

                         Sri A.Munirathnam, Lecturer in Statistics

                        Smt P.Vanaja, Lecturer in Political Science.


Aims and objectives:


1. To enhance the abilities of students to work hard at the right place is the key for the success.

2. Career Guidance aim to give the right opportunity at right time.

3. To provide an opportunity to know what are the different options of career available in front of the budding professionals.

4. It helps to take up the spade of toil and dig for the treasures hidden for themselves.

5. It insists students to put more time to work as to fulfill new commitments.

6. To make them aware of responsibility towards society by serving in whatever possible way



1. To encourage students to improve their analytical skills, Quantitative-aptitude and reasoning.

2. To create awareness to students about different competitive exams.

3. To educate students to know about the various professional career existing in different fields of knowledge.

4. To conduct seminars that impact knowledge about various career coaching centers, suggested competitive books for preparation, exam pattern and time allocated for different competitive exams.

5. Career awareness program among students with the help of career guidance experts.

6. To inform students about the best institutes in the state that moulds their career.

7. To assists students to fulfill their cherished career. So that they become responsible citizens to the Nation.


Action Plan:

1. To conduct mock exams on ICET and PG entrance exams.

2. To inform and create awareness to students on various competitive exams conducted by APPSC, UGC-CSIR, UGC-NET, AP-SET, UPSC.

3. Students will be provided with the sufficient material and competitive books depending on their interest in the library.

4. Under JKC the college trains students to aspirants to learn career skills.

5. To provide opportunities of interaction with professionals from different MNCs to the college to create awareness about different opportunities.