Department of Physical Education

“orandum est ut sit mens sana in corpore sano”- JUVENAL

Thales (Miletus, 624 – 546 BC)




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The Department caters to the Physical, Mental, Social,& Spiritual well being of all Students and Staff. It also offers an opportunity to train in number of activities like, Tennis,Table

Tennis,Basketball,Volleyball,Badminton,Ball badminton,Chess,Carroms , Athletics & Karate to all the stakeholders not only in the campus but also offside the campus.

The department was given a firm foundation and could earn a commendable reputation thanks to the hard toils of all teachers who led the department over the years. Through steadied efforts complemented by the great support of the Management, Staff and Students, the Department of Physical Education of the College is able to make its presence quite visible in the University map.

College Men’s and Women’s teams participate actively in the University Meets every year. The college Women’s Badminton team made a significant leap by winning the 2rd position in SV University last 5 academic years. The college has presentable disciplined teams in Kho-kho, Ballbadminton, Volleyball, Badminton, Tennis,& Chess etc. Every year at least two to three players are representing the SRI VENKATESWARA UNIVERSITY in the south and central zone inter –university games held at different places in the country. The HOD has been playing lawn-tennis senior nationals for the last 10 years and highest ranked Seed-5 in Pune Nationals in 2013.The HOD headed the Andhra pradesh lawn-tennis for four Nationals and got Gold medal in all four Nationals.

Department Of Physical Education


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SV University Intercollegiate meet 2017-18



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Sri G.Aravind being Resource person in a National Seminar in Kerala 2016-17