• The institution has a vision to imbue quality education and administer an ambience that provides professionally competent, responsible, prosperous and socially ethical




  • The mission of the institution is to upgrade the teaching fraternity who stimulate the students in their zeal for pursuit of higher studies and knowledge.

  • The students must be taught how to think and why to think that leads to research and innovation.

  • To stimulate the Academic environment for promotion of quality in teaching, learning and research in higher education through ICT and innovative techniques.

  • To encourage the spirit of self-reliance, accountability, autonomy and diligence in achieving global competency in personal and professional life.

  • To inculcate practical knowledge by strengthening linkages and MOUs with other teaching and research institutions and with industries.

  • Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle and the life of candle will never be shortened. So the mission is to ignite creative blooming young minds, better future.