Department of  English

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Dept. of English:

  • Aim of Introducing General English and Communication skills and soft skills at graduation level.
  • To impart vital skills to the students' success that can be the winning edge and lead to really drastic results in their overall performance.
  • To impart intrapersonal (positive thinking, SWOT/SWOC, emotional intelligence, etc.,) and interpersonal skills, verbal skills and non-verbal skills.
  • To impart life skills and language skills to stakeholders and enable them to become confident, skilled and employable citizens.

English Course Outcome:

  • Develop their communicative skills for their immediate needs.
  • Comprehend the information overtly stated in the text
  • Develop the skills of identifying and synthesizing information
  • Improve the skills drawing inferences
  • Produce a coherent and cohesive piece of text
  • Improve their language skills for competitive exams.
  • Acquire the skills of understanding the meaning of unfamiliar lexical terms from the context
  • Develop language comprehension
  • Perceive the deeper nuances of creativity.
  • Understand the connotations of poetic language.
  • Understand problems in establishing social relationships under changed environment
  • Perceive the nuances in translating a story/ poem/ drama - regarding culture, settings, language etc.
  • Develop LSRW skills
  • Improve pronunciation and accent, conversational skills, speaking skills with reference to debates, seminars, group discussions, presentation skills role plays etc.           

Program Outcome:

They are able to become digital Copywriter, Editorial Assistant, English Teacher, Lexicographer, magazine journalist, news reader, newspaper journalist proof reader, web content manager, anchor, magazine/ newspaper editor, freelance writer, public relations professional, copy writer , etc.,

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1 Dr. M Sreelatha Associate Professor   Click here
2 Dr. M Revathi Assistant Professor   Click here