Department of Computer Science


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Computer Science graduates within 3 years of graduation will impact the local, national, and global communities by:
  1. Effectively communicating computing concepts and solutions to bridge the gap between computing industry experts and business leaders to create and initiate innovation
  2. Effectively utilizing their knowledge of computing principles and mathematical theory to develop sustainable solutions to current and future computing problems.
  3. Exhibiting their computing expertise within the computing community through corporate leadership, entrepreneurship, and/or advanced graduate study 
  4. Developing and implementing solution based systems and/or processes that address issues and/or improve existing systems within in a computing based industry.


Outcome 1 - Communication

Students will be able to communicate in written and oral forms in such a way as to demonstrate their ability to present information clearly, logically, and critically.

Outcome 2 - Mathematics and Theory

Students will be able to apply mathematical and computing theoretical concepts in solution of common computing applications, such as computing the order of an algorithm.

Outcome 3 - Programming

Students will be able to complete successfully be able to program small-to-mid-size programs on their own. Sufficient programming skills will require use of good practice, e.g., good variable names, good use of computational units, appropriate commenting strategies.

Outcome 4 - Systems Design and Engineering

Students will be able to use appropriately system design notations and apply system design engineering process in order to design, plan, and implement software systems

Outcome 5 - Depth of Knowledge

In a self-selected area of depth in Computing, students will demonstrate a depth of knowledge appropriate to graduate study and/or lifelong learning in that area. Students should be able to read for understanding materials in that area beyond those assigned in coursework.

Outcome 6 - Preparation for Career and/or Graduate Study

Students will be prepared for a career in an information technology oriented business or industry, or for graduate study in computer science or other scientific or technical fields.

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