Department of Computer Applications

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Program’s Mission ,Objectives&Outcomes:

The broad objective of the Computer Applications program is to prepare Students for productive careers in software industry, corporate sector, Govt. organizations and academia by providing skill based environment for teaching and expertise in the core and emerging areas of the discipline.

The students will provided with sound background in theoretical and Skill-oriented courses relevant to the computer software development. The program emphasizes the application of software technology to solve mathematical, computing, communications/networking and commercial problems.

This Degree Program has been designed with a semester approach in mind. The first year courses are aimed at Fundamental and skills development in computers using various technologies, the second year is more focused on core courses providing conceptual frame work and the third year provides the specialization and the project work.



  1. Produce knowledgeable and skilled human resources which are employable in IT and related Sectors.
  2. Impart knowledge required for planning, designing and building Application Software Systems as well as provide support to automated systems or application.
  3. Produce entrepreneurs who can develop customized solutions for small to large Enterprises.
  4. To develop academically competent and professionally motivated personnel, equipped with objective, critical thinking, right moral and ethical values that compassionately foster the Sense of social responsibility.
  5. To develop students to become globally competent.


Expected Outcomes:

The Computer Applications Program will prepare its graduates to achieve:


  1. The understanding to apply knowledge of computing and technological Advances appropriate to the program.


  1. Skills to analyze a problem, and identify and define the logical solutions.


  1. Ability to design and implement a computer -based system or program to meet stakeholder needs.


  1. The capability to function effectively in teams to accomplish a goal.  


  1. Effectiveness in communicating with a wide range of audiences.


  1. An ability to analyze the local and global impact of business solutions on Individuals, organizations, and society


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1 Mrs.Balireddi Durga Anuja Assistant Professor Click here