Department of  Chemistry

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  • Understanding the fundamentals and major concepts, Theoretical principles and experimental finding in physical, organic, inorganic and General chemistry
  • Create interest in science and promotes creative thinking and activities among students by providing exposure to the realm of physical science and technical expertise.
  • Provides secure foundation for research and pursue higher education in fields of science and technology.
  • Students develop problem solving skills

Learning Outcomes:

  • The Students will demonstrate a depth of knowledge and an under standing of major concepts,  theoretical principles and emperimental findings in Chemistry.
  • The Students will demonstrate an ability to work effectively in both class room and laboratory.
  • The students will demonstrate an ability to employ critical thinking and efficient problem solving skills  in areas of chemistry.
  • The students will demonstrate an ability and interpret results, while observing scientific conduct.
  • The Students will demonstrate the ability to use modern instrumentation for chemical analysis and  separation.
  • The ability to use computers for chemical simulation and computation.
  • The ability to employ modern library search tools to locate, retrieve and evaluate scientific  information.
  • a familiarity with and application of safety and chemical hygiene regulations an practices.
  • ability to join entry into professional schools, graduate programmes or the job market.
  • Students will be able to explore new areas of research in both chemistry and allied fields of science  & Technology.
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1 Smt L Sudheera Assistant Professor              Click here 
2 T Narsaiah Contract Lecturer    click here